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Solid, Simplified Tool for Facebook Instant Articles

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Are you ready to take advantage of the incredibly interactive Facebook Instant Articles platform, but don’t want to deal with HTML?  Did you know that Instant Articles get 20% more clicks and 30% more shares? Do you want a seamless way to create Instant Articles without having to use WordPress or any other content management system?  NO PROBLEM!

​Are you ready to take advantage of the incredibly interactive Facebook Instant Articles platform, but don’t want to deal with HTML or coding?

​Did you know that Instant Articles get 20% more clicks and 30% more shares?

​Do you want a seamless way to create Instant Articles without having to use WordPress or any other content management system?


New: Introducing for the First Time….​

Facebook Instant Articles

Gain the security of having a developer by your side when creating Facebook Instant Articles without the cost and with NO HTML Experience Necessary. Get the Benefits You Need!

Here’s what’s so great about Turbo Instant Publisher...

With it, you can very quickly create Instant Articles without having to use a WordPress or other third party system and you can do it within a matter of seconds, instantly allowing you to gain control and access to a huge marketing audience in the most interactive and engaging way possible!

As a Marketer, you know the value of Instant Articles on Facebook.

Perhaps you know that Facebook allows you to run your own ads on Instant Articles too, allowing you to keep 100% of the profits.

And, you may know that there is simply no better platform for you to engage with your audience.

However, you may know that you have to go through a specific process to ensure the proper coding is always in place or your articles will not publish well and will look horrible!

Facebook says it is an easy fix in that you can use WordPress or similar products to create the articles in.

However,WordPress can be a HUGE security risk to any user. The constant updates from WordPress make it nearly impossible to keep up with the security needs. EVEN WORSE, you don’t have time to worry about the process of installing such a system, managing a database, and juggling security.​

Even worse – yes, it gets worse – to get these benefits, you have to have fantastic looking, engaging Instant Articles. Do you have the budget or time to work with a developer to create them? Of course not!​

The Problem for Internet Marketers

You need engaging, powerful Facebook Instant Articles that are easy to create and secure. But, you don’t have:

  • The time to create the HTML yourself
  • The experience that it takes to create HTML code
  • The resources (AND the money) to hire a developer to do the work for you

The Good News for Internet Marketers

With Turbo Instant Publisher You Can Create Incredible Facebook Instant Articles Exactly to Your Needs!

Turbo Instant Publisher solves your problem of building Facebook Instant Articles and makes your life easier!

Let’s talk about the MANY benefits this SIMPLE system offers to you:

  • There’s NO NEED for WordPress
  • No need to know any markup HTML language
  • No need to hire a developer for the technology required for Instant Articles
  • No need to use any database
  • No need for any other CMS system

Just What Can Turbo Instant Publisher Do For You?

Here’s the big deal.

Facebook Instant Articles requires users to create customized HTML for any piece they wish to publish. However, most people don’t have the time, experience, or budget to manage this part of the process. That limits you right out the door.

With Turbo Instant Publisher, you simply need to follow these very simple steps:

  • Install the software on your hosting account with 1 click – that’s super-fast, super safe and incredible easy
  • Signup with Facebook Instant Articles. Do this right on the Facebook site under developer tools. (I show you how!)
  • Proceed with the basic configuration required by Facebook.
  • Then, start publishing the articles in Turbo Instant Publisher – like Using Microsoft™ Word.

With Turbo Instant Publisher, you no longer need to know HTML.

You do not need to know any MARKUP language.

You don’t need to hire a developer.​

Facts About Turbo Instant Publisher

Turbo Instant Publisher is a type of online software. You can use it with Windows or Macs since it’s installed on your server. It’s so super easy to use that you will regret not using it from day one.

You just need to install the software on your server, log into the admin area, and then create the article you want to publish on Facebook.  (Installation is easy and we show you how with a video tutorial.)

You NEED Facebook Instant Articles. THAT’S A FACT.

We’ve talked about the incredible benefits that Facebook Instant Articles offers to you as a marketer. You know the importance of this service. But, who has the time and money to create custom articles like this that meet Facebook’s tough standards for HTML language? You don’t and now you don’t have to.


Unlike other products on the market, Turbo Instant Publisher makes it very safe and very simplistic to USE.

Here’s a great BONUS too:

You can install this software on your server, it is all yours to use, and you can install it as many times you want! That means you are NOT dependent on any third party software product. That makes this a much more affordable, much more effective tool than others on the market!

Turbo Instant Publisher Is the ONLY TOOL You Need to Take Full Advantage of Facebook’s Instant Articles

Still on the fence?

If you’ve seen the benefits that Turbo Instant Publisher has to offer but you simply didn’t know enough about HTML to make it work for you, now is your chance to make a change. It’s easy and when you download it and start using it, you’ll find this is simply the best way to engage with your audience for good.

And, there’s NO RISK with our…


It is our goal to show you just how effective it can be to obtain the results you need from our tool. We're CONFIDENT you'll find Turbo Instant Publisher to be highly effective. To make that possible, we're giving you a 60-day money back guarantee. There's no reason to put off getting your results in place.

How Would You Like If I Threw In A Few Bonuses for Acting Today?

“Sweeten It For Me... Give Me Some Bonuses... What Else Can You Throw In To This Deal To Order It Today?”

Bonus #1

Facebook Instant Articles Bonus

Video #1 - Installation

Walks you through the complete installation process, step-by-step. Just follow along, pause the video and complete the set-up steps.

Facebook Instant Articles Bonus

Video #2 - Tutorial

We want you up and running as soon as possible. Watch this video as it walks you through step-by-step your entire set-up process, as well as, how to use the software.

Bonus #2 - Retargeting Profits

Facebook Instant Articles Bonus

Value $27

Discover How To Make More Money Even After The Prospect Has Left Your Website.

If you want to increase your conversions, make money from prospects that are no longer on your site, then you need to learn how to retarget.  

Retargeting profits consists of 9 videos that walk you through the entire process. 

  • Introduction and Recommended Retargeting
  • Retargeting Frequency
  • How To Increase Conversions
  • Frontline Retargeting Strategy
  • Deep Funnel Retargeting
  • Ad Creatives
  • Account Overview and WordPress Integration
  • Create Your Retargeting Segments
  • Create Your General Campaign Properly

What Customers Are Saying About This Technology

Fran Harding Real Estate Agent

The power of FB Instant Articles is amazing, however I was never really able to use it.  Not only do you need a coder, it is just very difficult to set-up.  I use it in my real estate business and because of the power of the viral content I am able to expose potential customers to some awesome properties.  Turbo Instant Publisher gave me this access and makes it easy to harness the power of Instant Articles.  I highly recommend getting a copy for yourself.

Aubie Pouncy Entrepreneur

I've read about the Facebook Instant Articles technology but had no idea how to use it. Wow is all I can say. The reach that these articles have is outstanding. I highly recommend the Turbo Instant Publisher for anybody that wants to expand their business and make more money. This is so cool.

How Much Is It Going To Cost Me...

This piece of software will grow your business is ways that you did not think was possible.

... And I could charge much more, but because you are a subscriber to MarketingSoftwareTools.com I have a great special for you today.

I was originally gong to charge $97 because the value is so much more than this price.  I thought about it then said, you know what I will give everybody a break because they are struggling and working hard everyday, so I thought $67 would be fair.

The I said, I have to do better than that.  So the price that I think is awesome is $47

Take Action Today and Enjoy Our Fast Movers Special

This software normally Sells for $97 per unit, but today as a special, you can get it for $47

To Secure Your Discount, purchase before the timer hits Zero

Your Purchase is 100% Safe and Secure with our SSL. And Remember you have 60-days to test Turbo Instant Publisher out!

You do not need to spend a lot of money to get this type of software in place. Rather, we'll give you a step by step PDF that gives you the illustrated details you need to quickly and effectively put this product in place. You don't need experience to get started!

And, to really make it easy for you to get results, we also provide a VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to install as well as use the software. We're doing all the hard work for you so you can just start getting results!

To your success!​

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